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Aeroscan – The Most Advanced Fitness Assessment.Take Your Fitness, Weight Management & Sports Performance to the Next Level


What is the Aeroscan?

The Aeroscan is a full assessment of your individual metabolism that determines your specific training zones for maximizing weight loss, fat burn and improving your athletic and sports performance. It is similar to a Vo2 max test but it doesn’t require you to go to maximum exertion. The Aeroscan has been widely used by top athletes and weight loss clients across the UAE since 2011. One of its early clients said “Thanks to AeroFit and the Aeroscan, I can significantly better results in spite of spending fewer hours in the gym, as my body has become much more efficient at burning more fat calories instead of carbohydrate calories.” AeroFit strongly believes the Aeroscan will help its clients ‘Train Smart and Burn More Fat’ resulting in more sustainable weight loss and increased overall metabolism.

How does the aeroscan work?

The Aeroscan is a 15-minute computerized breath analysis conducted while you exercise on a treadmill or stationary bike. You start at a low intensity which is gradually increased in stages until your body stops burning fat – your anaerobic zone. Every two minutes, the device measures your breath for 30 seconds at a time and your complete metabolism is accurately analyzed on the spot.

What does the aeroscan® measure?

  • The calories you burn each day without exercise (rest metabolic rate)
  • The calories you burn during exercise (exercise metabolism)
  • Your calorie intake requirements for weight loss and increased performance
  • Accurate calorie calculations for weight loss
  • The fat and carbohydrate calories you burn
  • Your volume of oxygen consumption (VO2)
  • Your anaerobic threshold
  • Your optimal heart rate training zones for weight loss, fat burn, stamina and sports fitness

How will YOU benefit from the aeroscan®?

  • Achieve your target weight in the quickest and healthiest way
  • Maintain your new weight and avoid the ‘yo-yo’ effect
  • Increase your fat burn rate or fat metabolism
  • Improve your cardiovascular fitness and regulate your heart rate
  • Increase your speed, stamina, endurance and sports fitness
  • Train your body to use its energy system more efficiently

How do YOU know if the Aeroscan is right for YOU?

  • It is safe and effective for anyone keeping good health; there are no age restrictions
  • The exertion lasts for only 10-15 minutes
  • The intensity level is customized to suit your personal fitness level
  • No maximum exertion is needed - this is not a stress test!

How often should I do the Aeroscan?

The Aeroscan should be done every 3 months to identify the changes and improvements in your training zones and metabolism and adjust your individual training program and intensity levels to maximize results. Your metabolism values and optimal training zones change depending on your exercise levels and diet. The Aeroscan will ensure that your body meets the demands of your changing lifestyle and keeps improving its performance.

What a Weight Loss client had to say about the Aeroscan after 12 weeks of training Client Profile: 30-year old woman looking to lose 6-8 kilos in 3 months and improve stamina

“I was like many women who struggled to lose weight in spite of dieting and exercising. I ate as little as 1000 calories per day, lost weight for a while and then completely stagnated. When I took the Aeroscan, I realized that since I was eating much lower than my rest metabolic rate (RMR), my metabolism had slowed down. Also, I wasn’t exercising in the right zone or burning enough calories. Since then, I changed my diet and exercise program based on the Aeroscan training recommendations and lost 7 kilos in 3 months. I also improved my running speed and stamina. My resting heart rate has gone down by 10 beats per minute and I can complete a 10 km race more than 10 minutes faster than just a few weeks ago. I have never felt better than this before. I will continue to use the Aeroscan on a regular basis.”

ISO Certified Technology

The Aeroscan is an ISO certified metabolic assessment tool used widely across Europe, Asia and the U.S. Each year, about 100,000 Aeroscans are conducted for weight loss, sports performance and general fitness including Olympic World Champion athletes.