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Burn More Fat with Metabolic Zone Personal Training


Burn More Fat with Metabolic Zone Personal Training

AeroFit offers 1-1 metabolic personal training targeting your weight loss and fat burn by training in the right metabolic zones. One can spend hours in the gym but get very mediocre results and that’s because their training intensity levels are not right for their body. One can lose weight while following a rigorous diet and exercise program but gain it back with ease once they get back to their normal eating habits. With Metabolic Zone Personal Training we will ensure you are activating your metabolism to burn maximum fat in the 60-minute session with us and keep burning throughout the day. It will give you sustainable weight loss and make you feel healthier and fitter than ever before.

How do you find out the right training zone for you?

Our package clients will further benefit from the Aeroscan which is a full metabolic assessment and gives you individualized and accurate results about your resting metabolic rate, exercise metabolism, fat vs. carbohydrate metabolism, anaerobic zone and much more! The Aeroscan measures your breath (O2 and CO2) which is directly linked to your metabolism. It analyzes your individual metabolism that helps to find the exact point/zone in one’s training where they can burn more fat and improve their overall fitness. Improving fat metabolism is important to improving performance on any given sport and for sustained weight loss. Your training program will be driven by the results from your Aeroscan metabolic assessment. You can see your fat metabolism improve over time by repeating the Aeroscan every 12-16 weeks and adjusting your training intensity levels. Nutrition/calorie intake is considered to be the key factor in weight loss and we will also advice you on this based on your metabolism and personal goals.

Our Reps Level 3 and MMA Boxing Certified Trainer has the expertise to assist you with a variety of fitness goals such as, but not limited to:

  • Weight Loss
  • Fat Loss
  • Body Toning / Muscle Strengthening
  • MMA Boxing
  • Sports Performance
  • Core Stability
  • Flexibility & more…

At AeroFit, we use the latest in fitness technology to give you long-lasting results that will make you fitter & stronger. Contact us at +97143602853 or to find out more about our personal training packages.