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Blackthorn Easy Trainer Suspension trainer

677 AED

Blackthorn Easy Trainer Suspension trainer

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Mobile and efficient - the Blackthorn Easy Trainer

With the Blackthorn Easy Trainer you can train with your own bodyweight and adjust the difficulty infinitely in hundreds of exercises by simply adjusting your position. There is no forced break to go from one exercise to another, you can seamlessly glide into the next exercise. Thanks to the low weight of the Blackthorn Easy Trainer (approx. 600g) you can take it anywhere and a full body training session is always at your disposal. Whether you are at home, outdoors, or on vacation - the Blackthorn Easy Trainer is your reliable mobile gym.

Easy handling for optimal comfort

The Blackthorn Easy Trainer is optimized for quick and effective training. Thus, the handling is as easy as possible. The integrated (and removable) door anchor and the steel carabiner let you mount the Blackthorn Easy Trainer almost everywhere to let you train wherever you are. The lenghts of the ropes can be easily adjusted with secure clips. Adjusting the length is a matter of seconds and can be done with one hand (per side). Thus, you can adjust the Easy Trainer to the required length in no time. The durable handles can be turned into foot slings instantly by simply pushing them up. You can see, the Blackthorn Easy Trainer lives up to its name. Additionally, it comes in a handy mesh bag.

Incredibly effective total body workout

Sling Training is the epitome of functional training, the rediscovery of an incredibly effective full body training that works with only your bodyweight. You don't need barbells in different sizes and bulky benches. All you need for sling training is a sling trainer and a sturdy mount like a strong door - and you are ready for a challenging workout that can be seamlessly adjusted to your level of fitness.

What's special about sling training is the fact that each exercise incorporates several muscle groups at once. While your typical gym machines often times simply train one muscle in isolation, sling training will demonstrably improve your coordination and balance in addition to increasing strength and overall fitness! The holistic aspect of sling training makes it very efficient and training sessions of only 30 to 40 minutes will be fully sufficient to train your full body. In every exercise your core has to work in order to keep up posture. Thus, a strong and firm core will practically come as a (welcomed) byproduct. Train deeper-lying muscle groups with the Blackthorn Easy Trainer that are very hard to target with normal weight training. Sling training will help you look better and you will even feel better!


  • Static sling trainer for functional training with your own bodyweight
  • High-quality materials
  • Maximum training load: 150 kg bodyweight (330 lb)
  • Very easy to adjust, length adjustment with one hand
  • Handles can be transformed into foot slings with one simple move
  • Integrated door anchor (removable)
  • Low weight: ca. 600 g (21 oz)
designed in USA
Blackthorn Easy Trainer Suspension trainer
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There are yet no reviews for this product.

There are yet no reviews for this product.