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Revvll PRO - Rope trainer

6290 AED

Revvll PRO - Rope trainer

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The revvll PRO rope trainer at a glance.

The revvll PRO is a mobile rope trainer with adjustable resistance. It offers countless exercises for beginners as well professionals with pushing, pulling, and rotating movements in all directions. The innovative design offers a felxible functional training that is unmatched world-wide.

Quick Facts:

  • Absolute mobility - easy transport and numerous mounting options (only 5,3 kg / 11,7 lbs)
  • Maximum results - extreme training effects for strength, stamina, and coordination
  • First-class quality - cutting-edge technology and premium high-tech materials - made in Germany
  • Including Rep Counter: blue rope marking let's you count the rope cycles

Included in Delivery

  • revvll PRO incl. 4 m rope
  • Anchor sling
  • DIN A3 Exercise poster (English/German)

The next revvll generation

The revvll PRO represents the consequent advancement of the FIBO Innovation Award 2014 nominee and world-novelty revvll ONE.

Being launched beginning of 2015 the revvll PRO displays the entirely revised pro-solution in gym quality. Thorougly developed and built in Germany this rope trainer features a new endless-rope, free of bond seams or screw joints, and designed for maximum endurance and a steady pulling experience. The advanced and super-solid housing protects the heart of the revvll PRO against shocks from walls or racks.

Invisible - but permanently perceptible: the evolution of the complex mechanics embedded in the housing, providing a long-term constant training experience. All components of the revvll PRO have been designed for the hard and enduring strain and enable a reliable usage of this unique and mobile rope training device.


revvll-PRO montage up-down-compressedThe revvll PRO allows for various exercises depending on your position towards the revvll and the height of the mounting

The Revvll-ution in Rope Training!

Extreme training effects with a maximum of mobility - is that even possible?

The revvll PRO is the answer to this question: yes, definitely! The revvll PRO was originally designed as an alternative to huge and expensive rope climbing machines - but it can do even more! The exercise variety is almost endless, only depending on both your position towards the revvll and its mounting height. Additionally, you can adjust the resistance in 6 levels at any time. Easy transport and flexible mounting options make it suitable for entirely new areas of training. It does not matter whether you are new to functional training, a professional, or a personal trainer - our revvll PRO is the best training partner for you!

screenshot-www aerobis com 2016-08-30 19-28-29

revvll PRO - the High Climber of Functional Training

Rope climbing is an important part of functional training; muscles endure long periods under tension which encourages extreme blood flow through muscles resulting in excellent training results. Our revvll PRO goes one step further: next to the positive effects of continuous muscle tension, your body forms an active part of the counterweight allowing for complex motion patterns of different muscle groups. You will improve strength, stamina, and coordination at the same time. Your training becomes efficient resulting in healthy and lasting effects.

The best workout device in today's fitness world


Oumar-chevara-camara 150pxI must admit that the revvll is probably if not the best workout device ever in today's fitness world.
One of my best workouts with the revvll will be the biceps curl. Some will say the barbell curl might be the answer but I can argue that 'cause I workout with barbells too but I just discovered that the revvll is the best biceps builder and it gives you the fullest biceps pump ever.

Oumar Chevara Camara - Oumar Chevara Camara International Zumba & Fitness



revvll PRO - well-conceived

revvll PRO is a high-tech in-house development and absolutely innovative. Its core comprises an eddy current brake with aluminum rotational discs. The resistance is set to allow for six different settings - thus, the individual adaptation to your own performance level is possible at any time. Using the anchor sling, the revvll PRO can be easily mounted nearly anywhere. In addition, the revvll PRO holds true to what is the common denominator of all aerobis products: commitment to premium quality down to the last screw.


revvll-PRO Intensity-Wheel-compressed

The wheel let's you adjust the resistance easily

Counting made easy

The revvll PRO has an aerobis-blue marking on the rope which allows you to count the rope cycles easily. Thus, you can control your training even better. Are you training with a certain number of rope cycles in a given amount of time or do you want to know how many meters you have pulled at the end of your training? One rope cycle equals 4m. So if the blue marking reaches its starting point again you know exactly what distance lies behind you. This way you can also create races as challenging workout finishers: complete as many rope cycles as possible in one minute or reach a certain amount of cycles as quickly as possible - your fantasy is the only limit here!


revvll-pro-rep-counter-shopped C

The revvll PRO allows for various exercises depending on your position towards the revvll and the height of the mounting

Pull with us!

The revvll PRO can do more than just rope climbing or tug of war. It unites all advantages of a heavy and expensive rope climbing machine in a portable device and offers a new kind of functional training that no other tool can offer. Whether you are a beginner or a professional - you can start working on your fitness and body at any time. All you need is the new revvll PRO and a strong will. Your training could not be any more efficient!

Where do I attach the revvll PRO?

The revvll PRO is equipped with our anchor sling that you might know from our aeroSling suspension trainers. With the anchor sling you can attach the revvll PRO to any training frame and wall bars or trees and monkey bars in your nearest park. In order to fully use the full potential of the revvll PRO with as easy handling as possible we recommend the revvll Adjust as height-adjustable wall attachment. The revvll Adjust will let you change the height of the revvll in a matter of seconds.


revvll-installations-2 C

The revvll PRO allows for various exercises depending on your position towards the revvll and the height of the mounting

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The Revvll PRO - Rope trainer
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There are yet no reviews for this product.

There are yet no reviews for this product.