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WaterRower& Rowing machines in comparison with other fitness cardio/fitness equipment

When it comes to exercise, using a variety of exercises lets you create a diverse workout. One of the most common pieces of equipment among athletes is the WaterRower, a combination exercise machine that helps you build strength while getting a cardiovascular workout.

WaterRower hasmany more advantages and benefits compared to other forms of cardio equipment that you should consider when creating a workout plan.

A WaterRower combines gentle to intensive cardio with consistent strength training depending on what you do. It will help you lose weight due to the potential for burning calories because of the targeted muscle groups of both your lower and upper body.

Many people wonder how it compares to other exercise equipment. The truth is, it’s superior in almost every way yet when people walk in the gym they will probably skip it and head straight to the treadmill.

WaterRower v/s Treadmills &Ellipticals

A 125-pound person exercising on a treadmill for 30 minutes at 3.5 mph would burn around 120 calories. However, walking or running on treadmills puts stress on your body parts i.e., ankles, knees and hips, which canlead to long-term aches and pains.

Ellipticals are similar to treadmills by mimicking the motions you go through as you walk and run; however, your movements are much more fluid -- you move with the machine instead of on it. A 125-pound person working out on an elliptical for 30 minutes will burn around 270 calories. It is an ideal machine for toning your body, but you won't gain muscle mass.

A 125-pound person who works outon a rowing machine for 30 minutes will burn around 255 calories. That’s immense! To add to it, the WaterRower put less stress on your joints and builds muscle mass while working your heart, thereby improving your cardiovascular health.

WaterRower v/s Sports
A WaterRower is an excellent training tool for athletes no matter what sport they play because it works the whole body regardless of the calorie burn.

A 125-pound dancer can burn anywhere from 90 to 180 calories in a 30-minute dance session. However, a dance session for 30 minutes would obviously involve too much pressure on joints. The same dancer can play badminton for 30 minutes to burn 135 calories, softball to burn 150 calories or go hiking to burn 180 calories.

All these are great cardiovascular exercises, but the risk of injury is much higher, and these sports don't necessarily provide a full-body strength workout.

On a WaterRower, you are sitting comfortably, low to the ground, and you go at your own pace, not the pace of the game.

WaterRower v/s Stationery Bikes

Stationery bikes only really work the legs and lower half of the body. A WaterRower will burn more calories in less time at a lower intensity than a stationary bike. The calories that are burned riding for about 40 minutes at roughly 12-13 mph is equal to rowing for 25 minutes at a lower intensity.

Stationary bikes are easy on your joints and tend to provide fluid motion, but don’t allow for the strength training of the various muscle groups. A WaterRower does the same thing; it doesn’t put any stress on the jointsyet has the advantage of working the whole body.

WaterRowerprovides a complete body workout with nominal impact and is affordable. It burns off more calories in relation to the other top three cardiomachines. With a rowing machine, 60 minutes a day won’t only drop pounds off of you, but will also tone your body.

What’s more? WaterRower is best in terms of aesthetics as well; light-weight, take up less space, are so easy to use, look stylish and blend in with your furniture!
Go on, Start Rowing! Eat. Sleep. Row. Repeat!

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