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We’ve decoded Rowing and the Water Rower

Rowers are probably the world’s best athletes. To most people, rowing looks like an upper body sport.

What is rowing?

Rowers are probably the world’s best athletes. To most people, rowing looks like an upper body sport. The truth is that upper body strength is pivotal to rowing but the drive which moves the boat comes from the strong legs. Rowing is one of the few athletic activities that involve all of the body’s major muscle groups.Rowing is a full-body workout, burning calories while toning just about every major muscle. Rowing is a good sport for the mind as well as is surely a positive reinforcement for people with attention deficit disorder as well.

Did You Know?

WaterRower Inc. was established in 1988 when John Duke, a member of the US National Rowing Team,invented and patented the WaterFlywheel, which later on became the USP of the Water Rower. The machines are still built today in-house by WaterRower at their facility in the small coastal town of Warren in Rhode Island, USA.

What is theWaterRower?

TheWaterRower is an indoor rower machine where the resistance medium is provided by water as opposed to air or magnetic resistance used by other manufacturers.What sets it apart is its award winning design. The beautifully handcrafted rowing machine is made from solid ash wood and absorbs sound and vibration. The Water Rower features the unique Water Flywheel that consists of two paddles in an enclosed tank of water, providing a smooth, quiet resistance, replicating the actual feel of rowing in water.

How it feels like rowing on the WaterRower?

WaterRower asserts that the advantage of their product is that it simulates the ‘real’ feel of the oar locking onto moving water, providing a natural, smooth and realistic action. The harder you pull, the greater the resistance generated and the harder you must work. Resistance may also be increased and decreased by adjusting the amount of water in the tank. Users have noted that Water Rowers water resistance design operates at relatively low noise levels.

Where can I buy a WaterRower in Dubai?
AeroFit has always catered to create new standards in the fitness industry by introducing the most advanced technologies in exercise sciences aiming to promote a healthy lifestyle within the community.Do you want to make a heavyweight change into your fitness regime? Want to give those muscles a good pump up? Wish to row your way to the perfect body? Well, fret not! We are an exclusive distributor of the latest and most effective fitness technologies and products in the Middle East- with Water Rower being one of our most popular products.
On a concluding note, the WaterRower is an excellent rowing machine that will last a long time. It has a stunning design and a smooth quiet action. It is both easy to move and store away in your home and it also looks great. That’s why, The WaterRower has the reputation for being the world’s only ‘Fitness Furniture’ that combines function with beauty!
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