We are the only authorized and official distributors for WaterRower and Nohrd in the GCC region! We offer free delivery and installation within the UAE. 2 years' warranty is included. WARNING: Please be aware of counterfeit products selling under the WaterRower brand name for a lower price. Buy 100% genuine WaterRower products from us and be worry-free!

About us

SWIESNER TRADING LLC (AEROFIT) is an official GCC distributor of leading fitness equipment from around the world. Our company was launched in 2012 by two busy management consultants, Sreeya Wiesner & Markus Wiesner, with a strong passion for staying fit and healthy in the limited time they had. All the products that we take on are based on the principle of providing optimum health and fitness to individuals who aspire to lead a healthy lifestyle while pursuing challenging/rewarding goals at home or work. We strongly believe in the old adage that “health is wealth” and leading a healthy lifestyle contributes to our overall performance, well-being and lets us live life to the fullest.

Our products are easy to use, easy to store in your home or office and also aesthetically pleasing contributing to your overall well-being. Majority of our fitness products are manufactured in Germany or USA and have the highest standards of quality, reliability and performance in the market. We also pride ourselves on having a committed and customer-oriented team of professionals who will advise you on how best to fit out your commercial or home gym using our state-of- the-art equipment and will also provide timely and efficient after-sales support.

Our product range will be constantly expanding to match the demands of our customers and in line with the latest technological developments in the fitness industry. We welcome you to use our website to choose from amongst the best fitness equipment that is available in the GCC. Stay healthy!

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